Baby Sign Language Saskatoon

This week has been huge for language development in our home. Elijah was cuddling with me on Saturday morning. Ryan left the bedroom to let the dogs out. Elijah looked at me and asked “Where dad?”. This lead to a short conversation about how dad was letting his brothers/the dogs outside. Elijah looked at me and signed “dog”. Wow, were were actually having a two way conversation?! Yes, yes we were- a great benefit of baby sign language 🙂

Later that day, Elijah started to say “dad” and sign “dad”. At first I looked at him. He was using what is called an approximation. Elijah had his fist closed and tapped on top of his ear. Very close to where “dad” is signed in ASL.

Today, Elijah began to sign yet another word! This time is is “mom”. This sign looks similar to “dad” except he does it with an open hand and at the bottom of his ear. ASL for mom and dad look very similar- dad has the hand tap on the top half of the head and mom is on the chin!

Happy Signing

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