Books, books, books!

We have so many books in this house! I have had to start to rotate them as they spill out of the box in our living room. As a family, we will sign 2-4 books at Eiljah’s bedtime- “The Going To Bed Book”, “Opposites” and the “Itsy Bitsy Spider”. Elijah will cuddle on our laps during our bedtime books. This is a rare moment where we get a calm little boy in our laps.

During the day, Elijah will sit and read a book. He talks in Elijah language and often will sign to the pictures. If he does not know the picture a little voice will say “Whats this?” or “Whats that?”. How adorable. I will sign to him what the object- usually an animal is. Afterwards, Elijah will copy the sign! Today he started to sign flower and baby! These moments are truly special!

Happy Signing!

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