Enjoying Summer as a Signing Family

I just remembered that it has been a very long time since I’ve last blogged. We were away on holidays (which I did remember to blog)! We were at the lake (I think that this is what most people from Saskatchewan say instead of which lake) and had a wonderful time exploring the world with Elijah.

Elijah was one lucky boy this year. He was living in a cabin with his grandparents (Ryan’s parents) while my parents and grandparents camped about 10 minutes away. Everyone loved to watch Elijah learn about nature, bugs, trees, swimming and enjoying sand. There was only 2 hot days that we did get to go into the water.

Ryan’s parents have known that we sign with Elijah. They also know that Elijah has an extensive vocabulary (over 100 words and signs). I remember the first few days that I was being constantly asked “what’s this signs”, “what is Elijah saying?”. After a few days they began to see common signs as well as expanded their signing as well! I can remember Elijah showing “cracker” to his grandpa and ran to grab a cracker held it up for grandpa to see and signed “cracker” again. Elijah was teaching them in an adorable way!

My ramble for today… I want to challenge all signing families to show their parents/grandparents/friends at least 3 signs this week. Help more people to communicate with your child and show off the amazing benefit you are giving your child!!

Happy Saturday!

Happy Signing!

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