Family Feedback- Winter 2014 Session

What did you enjoy about your class? 

-Learning new things and other parent interaction

-Just liked having something to work on with him at home-gave us something to work on together with him and allowed him to see other kids. I liked learning for myself too!

– casual, but still moved along nicely, it was just the right amout of structure

– Songs & stories

-Bonding with other parents

-It was a fun, energetic class

-Songs- seemed to keep babies entertained

-Songs, especially the songs that go along to simple tunes like twinkle, twinkle little stars


-Lots of good discussions

-Thank you for you knowledge, expertise & energy

-Everything, group setting was good

-Liked sharing about my child each week

-Fun & Interactive

-Everything! Great Job 🙂

-singing and signing

What changes would you make to the class?

-None! I loved the relaxed schedule so we can discuss the signs that we need

-Maybe slightly longer

-project the song lyrics to make it easier to sign and sing

-Maybe 2x/week

-Learning more signs to nursery songs

-We really enjoyed it… I cannot think of anything

(Parents must have enjoyed the class, when they want the classes longer and 2x per week!

Would you access this class or another class again and/or would you refer our classes to a friend?

– Yes, will refer friends/speech clients

-Yes, to refer to friends. Great communication tool for parents & kids

-Yes- we learnt a lot

-I have made lots of recommendations

-Yes, I might take Level I again & would definitely take higher levels & recommend this class to others

-Yes. We learned a lot and I think it will help us communicate with our little one

-Absolutely, it’s been a fun experience. Our little one loved it!

-YES. I learned a lot, its an enjoyable social outing for us both

-Yes! Can’t wait to do level 2

-YES! It’s fun & educational

-Yes, next level to continue

-Yes, I’d like to try anotehr one and I definitely will tell my friends. I feel its important to help with language development

Additional comments:

-I am sad its over 😦

-Loved it!

-Thank you. Our little one & I really enjoyed ourselves

-Looking forward to level II in March!

– Thank you for welcoming us to your home and making it so kid & infant friendly!

-Liked length- 8 sessions is good, once a week is great

-Yes, loved this class

-Thank you for everything

-Thanks, Tanya! We loved it!

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