Mom and Baby Sign Language Classes Promote Physical Development

My Smart Hands Saskatoon’s mom and baby classes are unique as parents and their little learns baby sign language through carefully planned activities that also impact whole child development. For the next five blog posts we will focus on activities that you can bring into your day and how using baby sign language can enhance learning and communication.

The whole child activities that we include in our mom and baby classes focus on:

– Physical

– Intellectual/Cognitive

– Social

– Emotional

– Language Development

This blog post will focus on the little’s physical development.

Physical development includes the fine and gross motor skills! Our baby sign language classes have various activities that promote both the development of both fine and gross motor skills. We use ASL signs to help enhance learning, communication and FUN!

Fine Motor – are developed through using ASL signs as the little is learning to move their fingers! We also bring in various play based learning activities which assist with fine motor skills. Here are a couple examples.

  • Sensory Boards
  • Sensory Bins
  • Shakers

fine motor skills

Gross Motor – are developed in our mom and baby classes through parents moving their little around our class room as well as activities such as bouncing activities. Littles benefit from bouncing activities as they learn balance, movement and strengthen their core, neck, and shoulder muscles.

  • Movement – music
  • Scarves
  • Bubbles
  • Balls
  • Bouncing activities

beach ball fun

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