Social Learning in Mom and Baby Sign Language Class

My Smart Hands Saskatoon has small class sizes usually between 4 to 8 families. Larger classes can be over-stimulating for many littles. Smaller class sizes makes for a fun and educational learning environment where both mom and baby feels comfortable. Also, the small class sizes allows Tanya to spend more time with each family where she can learn each family’s reason for signing with their children and spending time focusing on whole child developmental activities.

When starting a class parents and their little are welcomed to sit together on a shared foam square. Toys and easy to sign books are places in the middle to encourage play and exploration while parents are sharing their stories, asking questions and learning signs to be used in the following activity. We experience many first in our classes- first time a child signs, first crawl, first roll over and even have had our first steps! Children are learning through social interactions of seeing other moms and littles together in this fun environment.

Each of the weeks, Level I – 8 weeks and Level II – 6 weeks, brings new ASL signs to be learned! Families learn these ASL signs through various child development activities that promote social skills. This can include sensory based play.


Reading together!

Reading together!

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