Day 5 of 5 Tips for a Successful Beginning

We are already on day 5 for tips to successful beginnings! I hope each of these tips have been handy in your baby signing adventure.

Tip 5- Don’t be too hard on yourself

At first, any parents find it hard to remember to sign throughout the day. It can take a few weeks to start being in the routine of signing. This is natural and normal.

The key is not to give up. Once your baby starts signing back, it will become much easier to keep up with your signing adventure.

Keep up the hard work moms and dad. Your little is learning so much from seeing you sign each day!



Tanya Myrfield-Wolfe BSW, RSW, Certified Baby Sign Language Instructor

*Tip taken from “The Signing Bible” by Laura Berg, founder of My Smart Hands.

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