Saskatoon Mom and Baby Class Feedback

Yesterday, we Saskatoon moms and babies graduated from Level I and II My Smart Hands classes!

thank you gifts

Here are a few comments from the evaluation forms:

What did you enjoy about the class?:

-That it included singing and dancing and was very interactive. That Tanya provided lots of advice and suggestions about baby play as well as signing

-The sensory objects, breaks up the class and keeps kinds interested

-I liked that there was always a mix of activities. It was not just sitting and learning signs

-All activities (signing, dancing, bubbles, sensory play, ect)

-I was glad that my husband and I were both able to come to the class together.

-Energy, songs, play idea for home

-Watching all the kids learn. Spending quality time with babies and moms

-The socialization for my baby and the content

Additional Comments:

-We have really enjoyed your classes and have looked forward to them every week. I love the mix of play and signing and the weekly e-mails are great too. Thank you so much!

-Thank you for providing this experience for us! I’m very glad we decided to join.

-I am excited for class signing 2 and would like to sign up for sensory play and messy makers! I would take part in any class directed towards baby learning and play.

-Thanks so much for bringing My Smart Hands to Saskatoon! So glad we had the opportunity to come!

-We had a blast!

-You are awesome.

-I had so much fun! My favorite class!

-Loved this class so much fun!!!

-E-mails were helpful for home practice

What changes would you make about the class?:

-I really felt that there as a good mix of stimulation, mentally and physically.

-Maybe longer? Hard to say. I would have loved longer. Baby may not LOL

-Have age groups






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