Keep Baby Sign Language Fun!

Today, we had our second classes for Level I! Each class, was very different with the questions and activities. I love the unique dynamics each family brings.

scarf play
One sensory based learning activity we played with was scarf play! This type of sensory play helps to develop multiple areas of whole child development including: brain development (how things move in space, and object permanence), language development (when paired with an activity/song- read below for one we use in our classes), and fine motor skills (letting your little one touch the scarf and try to grasp it in the space).



where is baby


Song we used in class (Yes, we have two dads in our classes this term!!):
Where is “baby”? Where is “baby”?

Here s/he is, here s/he is!

I’m so glad to “see you”, I’m so glad to “see you”!

Peek a boo, Peek a boo! (Here is where you can play with the scarf- hide from you little, move the scarf over their head, have them touch the scarf)!


Remember Mid-Winter 2016 registration has now started. We have a lot of interest and spaces are filling quickly. Register today to avoid disappointment.

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