Benefits of Baby & Toddler Sign Language

There are many benefits  for using American Sign Language signs with your child! As you begin to sign with your child you will notice how baby sign language impacts your parent-child relationship! Our Mom and Baby Saskatoon classes promote whole child development when using baby sign language.

Baby & Toddler Sign Language Benefits Include:

  • Reducing frustrations for you and your baby

  • Allows your baby to communicate their thoughts

  • Increased language development by adding visual and kinetics cues to your every day verbal language

  •  Increases the speed of reasoning (spatial) development

  • Promotes early literacy skills

  • Helps to improve self-esteem and confidence- as your child learns through experience, they are able to accurately communicate their needs, feelings and emotions!

  • Kicks starts their creativity

  • Empowers children

  • Reduces language barriers. For example the sign for “drink” is the same as “beber” in Spanish and “boire” in French!!

  • Parents and their children will learn to carry a 2-way conversation- this will lessen the time guessing what your child is trying to say and allows you to spend more time meeting your child’s needs!!

  • Using baby sign language (which is ASL signs) will promote effective communication at home as well as at childcare/daycare settings!

Links To How Signing Increases Child Development

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I have included three videos of Laura Berg’s, founder of My Smart Hands, children signing at various ages. These show how young children can clearly communicate their thoughts while beginning to use their verbal words as well!

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