Baby and Toddler Sign… Anytime Anywhere!

Elijah and I are signing ball! So glad that Paige was able to catch the signing!

Elijah and I are signing ball! So glad that Paige was able to catch the signing!

We had family pictures the other weekend and has such a great time. Here is one of my favorite pictures. Elijah and I are signing ball together… there was a blue ball on the grass with which he wanted to play!


Signing with your child can happen any time, any where. This tool of communication and parenting is so rewarding 🙂


Happy Signing


Signing and Running

Well, I have been missing for a few days. Elijah has been really sick and needed a lot more attention. He is feeling much better and is slowly becoming more active and running around 🙂

On Mother’s Day we went out for breakfast with my parents. We had a great meal at Boffins Club. Elijah did not want to sit still and he wanted to be outside. After breakfast, we decided to walk around the pond and grounds. Elijah began to chase after Papito (Grandpa). Papito was walking ahead of Elijah. So Elijah began to run and started signing “Papito”, “Papito”. “Papito”. Ryan and I were laughing as we called out to my dad saying Elijah is signing for you. This very well is a real challenge of a deaf/hard of hearing person & baby/toddler signer is when someone is not watching… how do you get a person’s attention?!

Happy Signing!!

Toddler Jokes Are Adorable

Elijah started to tell toddler jokes. He picked up his animal book and sat down. He started to tell me “this is this” (clear as day) while signing “cat”. I looked at the book and he was on the page of the horse. I said, that’s a horse silly. Elijah shook his head no, and signed “cat” again. He then turned the page and stated, “this is this” while signing another animal besides the one on the page while smiling and having the biggest grin on his face. Adorable 🙂

Melting Words “Hi dad”

This morning, I was feeding Elijah and Ryan was getting ready for work. Elijah stopped eating and began to watch his dad as he finished getting ready. Elijah then smiled and said in the sweetest little voice “Hi Dad”. This made Ryan stop in his tracks, look at his son and spend a few special moments together before leaving for the day. So adorable!

Happy Signing

Happy Easter!

We survived the Easter supper. I know that many of you parents feel the same way. For Easter supper we were celebrating my grandpa-in-law’s 80th birthday! This meant a lot of people. There are three cousins around the same age. Elijah is the smallest and youngest one of these three littlest cousins. Elijah was able to run circles, catch balloons and play great with all the 7 little cousins! I decided I would put signing to the test. I began to sign across the room to Elijah- “stop” and “come here”. Elijah, for the most part, was able to comprehend my signing! In fact, Elijah signed “yay” many times during the night and his great aunties were beginning to sign it back!

Just another way signing is useful in busy situations!

Happy Signing

When you child signs and you do not understand

Last night, Elijah was eating supper. He had chicken, peas,carrot and noddles on his plate. He began to sign “more” while shaking his head. I began to wonder why he is signing more. I then realized he wanted more of another type of food. I was able to communicate with our 13 month old and he was able to tell me exactly what he wanted.

Signing with your child is amazing. Yes, it takes time. Yes, it sometime feels like it takes a while. However, when you are able to communicate with your child it is all worth it!

Happy Signing!