When Can I Start Signing with My Little?

I am often asked, “When can I start signing with my child?” The answer is never the same for each family, as each parent has their own reasons for using #babysignlanguage  their family.

Based on child development, babies are ready for signing when they start moving their eyes and head to track toys or their parents face. This shows they are interested in learning and ready to start communicating with you! When you start signing, your child may show you many new reactions. This could be a frustrated or confused face, an interested expression, moving their hands in different ways, or smiling. These are all good indications that your child is trying to figure out what you are saying with your hands. Keep using American Sign Language and soon your child will be signing back!

Most baby & toddler sign language instructors recommend waiting until your child is between the ages of 4 to 6 months of age. Children are meeting important milestones during this time including: eye contact, purposeful movement of arms/hands, and beginning to find new ways to engage with their parents such as squealing, smiling, cooing and babbling.

Parents may decide to start signing earlier or later. In fact, we have had children as young as 2 weeks up to 2.5 years of age in her classes. Basically parents can start signing with their baby or toddler when ready!

A key point about signing, is to be consistent! Start signing with 2-5 words, consistently during the day. However, add more ASL in every week as your child is wanting to learn more. Finally, watch your child for signing approximations and when they start signing or moving their hands to approximate a sign, reward them with praise or what they were asking for!

Happy Parenting,

Tanya Myrfield-Wolfe BSW, RSW, Certified Baby Sign Language Instructor & Parent Educator


Christmas Sensory Bin

Play is very important for a child’s development. In play, they are exploring their world! Littles are learning how things move, how they can use their motor skills, working on language development and of course assists with their imagination. Play is a child’s work! christmas Sensory BinHere Mr. E and Miss K are playing with a Christmas themed sensory bin. Inside there are ribbon bows, string of beads, pom poms, bells, snowflakes and bamboo spoons!

While Mr. E is very good at this type of play, we need to carefully monitor Miss K while she explores. Often the phase “out of your mouth” is signed and spoken.


Remember that sensory based learning time is well supervised time!

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Tanya Myrfield-Wolfe BSW, RSW, Certified Baby Sign Language Instructor and Parent Educator.



Tiny Tots Sensory Mom and Baby Class Saskatoon

This is a class all about play and sensory based learning! We will explore sensory play through various sensory baskets, bins, scarves, ribbons, balls, bubbles and other items while supporting this learning though various signs. The sign language learning will be minimal as the focus will be on whole child development and sensory learning. This class will include music and movement activities!

beach ball fun

class 2

Price: $55 which includes for the 4 week class of 50 minutes, and graduation certificate.

Please note there is no requirements for this class. However, the ASL signs learned will be minimal as the focus is of the tiny tots sensory class.

Black Friday For Mom and Baby Classes Saskatoon

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Mom and Baby Classes at My Smart Hands Saskatoon

Wow, thank you! Our Winter 2016 classes are filling very quickly. I am grateful for the continued support.


We have just a few spaces remaining in the Saskatoon classes which start February/March 2016


Level I – 10-10:50am FULL

Tiny Tots Sensory  – 11:00-11:50am starting Feb 2- 3 spaces remaining

Messy Makers – 11-11:50am starting March 2 – 2 spaces remaining

Level II – 12-12:50 starting Feb 16 – 3 spaces remaining

Level I – 1-1:50pm – FULL

Level I – 2-2:50pm – NEW class time 5 spaces remaining

class 7

Warman/Martensville Classes starting January 6, 2016

Level II – 10:30-11:15 – 2 spaces

Level I – 11:45-12:30 – 4 spaces


Please connect with Tanya Myrfield-Wolfe BSW, RSW, Certified Baby Sign Language Instructor at tanyamw@mysmarthands.com for more information or fill out the registration at:





Tuesday’s Tip – Playtime for Mom and Baby

#tuesdaytip – Little’s learn better when they have fun! Playtime is beneficial on many levels such as exploration and curiosity of the world.

What is your little’s favorite toy?

block sensory bin

Here K is playing with a block sensory bin! We used the signs for: “TOUCH/FEEL”, “COLOURS”, “ROUGH”, “Out of your MOUTH”.


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