Ladybugs (birth to 12 weeks whole child developmental class)

Ladybugs (birth to 12 weeks whole child development class)

Ladybugs class is a fun, and interactive 6 week program for parents with babies from birth to 12 weeks of age (the newborn stage).

Ladybugs start with a discussion related to your Little one’s development! The next part of the class consists of engaging activities that promote whole child development: social, emotional, physical, language or cognitive development.


Topics Include:
-How Babies Develop (Body, Mind)
-Attachment, Bonding and Social-Emotional Development
-Your Baby’s Unique Temperament (Positive Discipline Focus)
-Importance of Play & Exploration
-Communication and Early Language
-Motor Movement (Fine Motor and Gross Motor)
-Baby Sign
-Baby Wearing

lady bug 4

Investment: $75 for the 6 week 50 minute class, weekly handouts, and graduation certificate.