Baby Sign Language – Wednesday’s ASL Word

In classes, I encourage families to introduce new signs each week. This is usually based on our new weekly theme. Your little one’s first signs maybe very surprising! For example: Mr E’s second word was “light” followed by “fan”! Miss K’s second word was “puppy” at just 7 months of age.


What is Mr. E signing?


Keep learning new signs and find fun ways to sign, play & explore with our little one!


(Hint: Mr. E is signing “share”)

Mid-Winter Classes

Our Mid-Winter  class registration begins on Friday. There has been a lot of interest in our upcoming classes.

We offer unique baby sign language (My Smart Hands Saskatoon) & sensory play classes that focus on ASL signs through whole child development and sensory play activities! These classes are fun for babies ages birth to 2.5 years of age as they incorporate exclusive multi-sensory play & exploration classes.

midwinter schedule

These classes are small in size, register early to avoid disappointment


Wednesday’s Word- Giraffe


Wednesday’s Word this week is “GIRAFFE”. How many of you have Sophie the GIRAFFE or a similar toy in the box in the living room or bedroom.

Take the GIRAFFE toy and hold it up to your child to see if it become interesting to them. Then when your little is watching the toy, move it UP and DOWN. Sign GIRAFFE often as you use the English word as well!



Mid-Winter Baby Classes in Saskatoon

Here is our upcoming mid-winter session for baby classes in Saskatoon. We will be offering baby sign language and sensory based learning classes.

midwinter schedule

Registration begins February 12th. Remember to register early to ensure your family’s space. Our classes fill up quickly.  Please use the following link to register: