Mid-Winter Class Registration Starts Tomorrow

Just a reminder to mark your calendars! Tomorrow is the day Mid-Winter Registration begins and space is limited!

midwinter schedule

Follow this link to find to register for your class type and time:


I will send an email within 24 hours with more information such as how to pay for the deposit to confirm your family’s space and the location.
Please let me know if you have any questions.

Wednesday’s Word- Giraffe


Wednesday’s Word this week is “GIRAFFE”. How many of you have Sophie the GIRAFFE or a similar toy in the box in the living room or bedroom.

Take the GIRAFFE toy and hold it up to your child to see if it become interesting to them. Then when your little is watching the toy, move it UP and DOWN. Sign GIRAFFE often as you use the English word as well!



Tuesday’s Tip From Little Hands and Me

Each Tuesday we will have a Tuesday’s Tip related to baby sign language!

Did you know that studies show using ASL and English allows little one’s to process language using both sides of their brains? How neat and easy to promote whole child development!

What are two new signs you will be using with your little this week?

signing W

Mr E and I working on finger spelling for the word “Halloween”. I am using the “W” hand in this picture.

Signing with your little one, from infancy through toddler-hood and into preschool age, is a fun, exciting way to increase language skills, pre-literacy, and whole child interaction.

Sneak Peek of Winter 2016 Schedule!

I’m working on the Winter 2016 schedule. I will be releasing the classes Saskatoon Family Expo on Nov 14! Mark your calendars as space is limited due to small class sizes. Registration will begin at the Expo as well!
** I am scheduling two classes in Warman area**

sneak peak of 2016

Fun with Colours! How to Bring Baby Sign Language into Sensory Play

Fun Friday – playing with sensory items such as play dough is a wonderful way to sign and play!

What ASL signs can be used?

colour playdough

Children are developing their fine motor skills, cognitive development and language (ASL Signs and English) when parents use this invitation to play!

Emotional Development and Baby Sign Language

Self regulation or emotional development is learned throughout a person’s life. Babies and toddlers experience these huge emotions in small bodies. They need parents/caregivers to help them identify and regulate their emotions.

Children begin to learn self-regulation through various sensory activities which can include: movement, bouncing activities, song and music.

At My Smart Hands Saskatoon, we provide various activities each week which promote emotional development growth! During our classes, Tanya carefully watches the littles to see if there is over stimulation in the classroom. Once, children are needing a break from an activity or need to regulate their emotions a carefully planned activity will take place. Some weeks this maybe bubbles or others a different type of sensory shaking toys!

Shakers are a wonderful activity. Parents can build these toys out of a plastic bottle and add various activities. This topic will be a blog post in the near future. However, shakers help a child to release their energy, help promote fine motor skills and regulate emotions through the shaking action!


Social Learning in Mom and Baby Sign Language Class

My Smart Hands Saskatoon has small class sizes usually between 4 to 8 families. Larger classes can be over-stimulating for many littles. Smaller class sizes makes for a fun and educational learning environment where both mom and baby feels comfortable. Also, the small class sizes allows Tanya to spend more time with each family where she can learn each family’s reason for signing with their children and spending time focusing on whole child developmental activities.

When starting a class parents and their little are welcomed to sit together on a shared foam square. Toys and easy to sign books are places in the middle to encourage play and exploration while parents are sharing their stories, asking questions and learning signs to be used in the following activity. We experience many first in our classes- first time a child signs, first crawl, first roll over and even have had our first steps! Children are learning through social interactions of seeing other moms and littles together in this fun environment.

Each of the weeks, Level I – 8 weeks and Level II – 6 weeks, brings new ASL signs to be learned! Families learn these ASL signs through various child development activities that promote social skills. This can include sensory based play.


Reading together!

Reading together!

Intellectual/CognitiveDevelopment through Baby Sign Language – My Smart Hands Saskatoon

Research shows that using ASL signs, rather than made up gestures, strengths neurological brain connection. This means the activities that we use in our classes, increases and promotes intellectual/cognitive development.

An example of an activity is our ‘shake’ bottles. These bottles are often filled with water, and various other items such as sparkles, pom poms, pipe cleaners,  and buttons. Together, the parent and their child, shake the bottle and watch the changes. The specific brain development concept that is being learn is called, cause and effect. This activity is completed in our “toy/object” theme.


Mom and Baby Sign Language Classes Promote Physical Development

My Smart Hands Saskatoon’s mom and baby classes are unique as parents and their little learns baby sign language through carefully planned activities that also impact whole child development. For the next five blog posts we will focus on activities that you can bring into your day and how using baby sign language can enhance learning and communication.

The whole child activities that we include in our mom and baby classes focus on:

– Physical

– Intellectual/Cognitive

– Social

– Emotional

– Language Development

This blog post will focus on the little’s physical development.

Physical development includes the fine and gross motor skills! Our baby sign language classes have various activities that promote both the development of both fine and gross motor skills. We use ASL signs to help enhance learning, communication and FUN!

Fine Motor – are developed through using ASL signs as the little is learning to move their fingers! We also bring in various play based learning activities which assist with fine motor skills. Here are a couple examples.

  • Sensory Boards
  • Sensory Bins
  • Shakers

fine motor skills

Gross Motor – are developed in our mom and baby classes through parents moving their little around our class room as well as activities such as bouncing activities. Littles benefit from bouncing activities as they learn balance, movement and strengthen their core, neck, and shoulder muscles.

  • Movement – music
  • Scarves
  • Bubbles
  • Balls
  • Bouncing activities

beach ball fun