Watch for Approximations

When your little starts signing they will not always make a sign exactly perfectly. However, watch for actions your child is making with their hands! These are called sign approximations and these are your child communicating with you using ASL signs.

The video below is Elijah signing “berries” at 13 months of age! He is using an approximation for berries. However, we clearly knew what he was wanting when he signed “berries”!

It is very important when signing with your little that you do not change the way you sign the word! In their mind, they are signing exactly as you are. If you mirror their sign approximation it will only lead to confusion.


Tanya Mryfield-Wolfe BSW, RSW, Certified Baby Sign Language Instructor


Signing Saves Us from a Tantrum!!

Elijah is having a rough day. He was grumpy and whining at playgroup today. At snack time, I asked him if he wanted to eat snack or was he all done playing. He looked at me and said while signing, “all-done, ome”. He then said goodbye to his friends and to each of them said “Bye, all-done, ome, all-done, ome”. So glad we can communicate needs which leads to a reduced number of tantrums!