Mom and Babies in Saskatoon Graduate!

Wow, today we had graduation at My Smart Hands Saskatoon!

We congratulated 21 Level I families in 3 classes and 8 Level II families! I am always amazed at seeing how the families change and grow in the short weeks we have together!

Here is some of the great fun we had in our classes. We were learning about emotions in Level I! In Level II we were learning about weather and seasons.



Mom and Baby Classes Saskatoon- Level II

These classes are designed for graduates of My Smart Hands™ Level I class or for infants with basic ASL comprehension. In level II you will learn over 120 signs to use with your child. Classes are 6 weeks and 45 minutes in length. We will review signs learned in My Smart Hands™ Level I and continue to build our signing vocabulary. Weekly themes covered in class include: people, food, animals, emotions, opposites, weather and color signs. All of our classes include a full color MSH™ curriculum book. The books have pictures of the signs learned along with descriptions for easy reference long after the class is over!

colour sensory bin


food monster

Level II prices: $75 which includes 6 weeks of 50 minutes classes, weekly enhanced e-mails, support, graduation present. Plus $30 for the coloured Level II curriculum and exclusive 9 song CD. This works out to $11.67/class plus the cost of curriculum. The total amount for the class is $105.