Parenting Resolutions

Today is Day 2 of a brand new book.  Each year I find myself looking at new resolutions that I strive to meet.

Last year, my resolution was just one thing. I was going to write what we did each day. I made it! I cannot wait to continue this tradition and read about what we did the year before.


This year my resolution is to connect with our children. They are growing up so very fast. I swear I blinked and Miss K is already 8 months old.


Here are my reconnecting resolutions:

  1. Sign and Read every day!
  2. Remembering to slow down.
  3. Sign and Sign a song… this may include a dance party.
  4. Cuddling and chatting about Mr. E’s day.
  5. Create an new and exciting initiation to play each week. What this blog for the updates.
  6. Spend more time creating memories and messes.

What are your parenting resolutions this year?