Fun Mom and Baby Classes in Saskatoon – Drop Bin exploration with Baby Sign Language


One activity in Level I – mom and baby sign language class- is our drop bins. This activity is explored and played with in our opposites unit. We also review our animal ASL signs. This class is full of baby sign language, exploration, play and most of all FUN!

This cutie is watching her mom sign “pig” before putting the square “in” the bin!

Join us for our winter 2016 mom and baby class in Saskatoon!

Fun Friday

Fun Friday –

signing W

Elijah and I have been busy decorating for Halloween next week. Here we are putting stickies on the front door. What letter am I finger spelling?

Find ways to use baby sign language in your day to day life! This allows signing to become more natural, fun and provides learning and language opportunities for your little!