Mid-Winter Classes

Our Mid-Winter  class registration begins on Friday. There has been a lot of interest in our upcoming classes.

We offer unique baby sign language (My Smart Hands Saskatoon) & sensory play classes that focus on ASL signs through whole child development and sensory play activities! These classes are fun for babies ages birth to 2.5 years of age as they incorporate exclusive multi-sensory play & exploration classes.

midwinter schedule

These classes are small in size, register early to avoid disappointment


Learn the ASL Alphabet!

In each of our My Smart Hands Level Classes we learn the ASL alphabet. We learn this as many of the signs stem from a letter hand shape. For example, the signs for “Water” uses the “W” hand shape. The sign for “Uncle” uses the “U” hand shape. One last example is “PLAY” uses two “Y” hands.

Many families comment that remembering signs is easier for them after they learn this great tool! Here is a video from Laura Berg, Founder of My Smart Hands, and her daughter. They will show you some memory tips to help with this learning.

Calm After the Stork

Each year, I take professional development training to keep increasing my knowledge related to working with families. This also provides new and current information for the Little Hands & Me Parenting Network.

Today, Kaila and I attended the “Calm After the Stork” training with Jillian and Paige. These two ladies are trained in Somatic Experiencing and provide much knowledge to their classes! I highly recommend these for expecting and new parents as well as professional working with families in the perinatal period.


My Smart Hands program uses American Sign Language signs!

Baby sign language is a tool of communication that you can give to your pre-verbal baby. Babies begin to gesture at a fairly early age; putting their hands in the air to be picked up, pointing at things they want etc. They quickly learn that these movements will elicit a reaction from his/her parents.

teaching 1

Taking that natural gesturing to the next level, parents have started to teach their children specific signs that they can use to communicate their needs.

Most people use signs taken from a real sign language such as ASL in North America. By using ASL signs with babies you are not teaching them the actual language, you are simply using the exact sign for the exact English word.



Wednesday’s Word- Giraffe


Wednesday’s Word this week is “GIRAFFE”. How many of you have Sophie the GIRAFFE or a similar toy in the box in the living room or bedroom.

Take the GIRAFFE toy and hold it up to your child to see if it become interesting to them. Then when your little is watching the toy, move it UP and DOWN. Sign GIRAFFE often as you use the English word as well!



Little Hand and Me?!

Here is a video explaining why I switched our name to Little Hands and Me Parenting Network. Watch the whole video for an awesome bonus just for you and your family!



Please let me know if there are any questions!



Tanya Myrfield-Wolfe BSW, RSW, Certified Baby Sign Language Instructor and Baby Wearing Conultatant

Mid-Winter Baby Classes in Saskatoon

Here is our upcoming mid-winter session for baby classes in Saskatoon. We will be offering baby sign language and sensory based learning classes.

midwinter schedule

Registration begins February 12th. Remember to register early to ensure your family’s space. Our classes fill up quickly.  Please use the following link to register: https://mysmarthandssaskatoon.com/class-registration-form/


Tuesday’s Tip – Watch for Approximations

When your little starts signing they will not always make a sign exactly perfectly. However, watch for actions your child is making with their hands! These are called sign approximations and these are your child communicating with you using ASL signs. When your little signs their approximation remember to keep signing the correct sign rather than copy theirs. In their mind, they are doing the same sign action as you are!

Here is an example of Miss K’s approximation for “more”. She purposefully moves her right arm in an up and downwards movement.




Learning Baby Sign Language Through Colour Sensory Bin – Mom and Baby Classes Saskatoon

colour sensory bin

In Level II, My Smart Hands, we learn about colours and opposites! To assist learning the ASL colour signs we learn through sensory based learning opportunities.
Here is one of our colour and opposites bins. Together, the moms and babies explore the shapes, feelings and colours of the objects. This educational bin promotes: cognitive development, fine motor skills, and language development.

Baby Sign Language Promotes Early Language Development

A little needs to hear a word 200 times before verbally expressing the concept. However, when using Baby Sign Language (ASL signs) a child is comprehending a single word using both their visual and auditory ways of learning! Research, over 28 years worth, shows that ASL signs supports verbal English!


Plus, using Baby Sign Language allows for a child to express themselves much earlier as they can use their signs to communicate. They are feeling less frustrations as they have empowerment over their environment!

Our Winter 2016 classes are now full! Spring 2016 class schedule will be announced next week. Thank you so much for all the support.

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