Learning Baby Sign Language Through Colour Sensory Bin – Mom and Baby Classes Saskatoon

colour sensory bin

In Level II, My Smart Hands, we learn about colours and opposites! To assist learning the ASL colour signs we learn through sensory based learning opportunities.
Here is one of our colour and opposites bins. Together, the moms and babies explore the shapes, feelings and colours of the objects. This educational bin promotes: cognitive development, fine motor skills, and language development.

Signing Saves Us from a Tantrum!!

Elijah is having a rough day. He was grumpy and whining at playgroup today. At snack time, I asked him if he wanted to eat snack or was he all done playing. He looked at me and said while signing, “all-done, ome”. He then said goodbye to his friends and to each of them said “Bye, all-done, ome, all-done, ome”. So glad we can communicate needs which leads to a reduced number of tantrums!

Toddler Jokes Are Adorable

Elijah started to tell toddler jokes. He picked up his animal book and sat down. He started to tell me “this is this” (clear as day) while signing “cat”. I looked at the book and he was on the page of the horse. I said, that’s a horse silly. Elijah shook his head no, and signed “cat” again. He then turned the page and stated, “this is this” while signing another animal besides the one on the page while smiling and having the biggest grin on his face. Adorable 🙂