Circle Theme Promoting Language, Signing and Fine Motor Development

This past week I have decided to organize and plan theme activities. My first attempt was pretty successful! ¬†Then I hear the voice of Richard (social work mentor…. what is successful Tanya?). Well, to me successful was that Elijah learned fine motor skills, social skills, space and dimension, colours, signs and words this week! While my theme was circle and we completed activities and crafts related to this theme. Elijah learned the following words/signs: “circle”, “round”, “sleep”, and is now verbally expressing “shoes” and “more” (more is usually signed and verbalized “mor”). Enjoy our pictures below


IMAG1149  IMAG1170

Melting Words “Hi dad”

This morning, I was feeding Elijah and Ryan was getting ready for work. Elijah stopped eating and began to watch his dad as he finished getting ready. Elijah then smiled and said in the sweetest little voice “Hi Dad”. This made Ryan stop in his tracks, look at his son and spend a few special moments together before leaving for the day. So adorable!

Happy Signing