Nurturing Hands Summer Drop-In Workshops in Saskatoon

Nurturing Hands, a BRAND NEW Summer Drop-in! Learn baby & toddler sign language along with how to massage your little one. This class will both educate and nurture your little one–it’s a DON’T MISS! Only 20$ per drop in, or buy 4 weeks and get 2 free (That’s a $120 value for only $80!). First date is next Thursday the 13th!

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Make a Commitment to Teach Baby Sign Language (Toddlers too!)

Make a Commitment to Teach Baby Sign Language (Toddlers too!)

Make a commitment to sign with your child. Signing does take work to learn and practice during the day. When I committed to signing with Elijah, I put flash cards around the house to remind myself and Ryan of our commitment to sign every day! Why did you decide to commit to signing with your child?