Baby Sign Language on Global News at 6PM

Baby Sign Language on Global News at 6PM

Thank you Wendy of Global News who delivered a great story about baby & toddler sign language. We were greatly impressed and even saw Elijah complete a few signs, parents having fun signing and children playing together! This is what #babysign is all about- bridging the gap to meaningful communication!!

Planning for Summer/Fall Classes!

Planning for Summer/Fall Classes!

I have been asked when I am running my next class, when I would like to schedule a time for studio space. I keep thinking- yes, I want to. I just do not know when! So, I decided to use Facebook as my media. I have decided to ask parents/families/caregivers of Saskatoon to let me know what works best for their family. I hope that this will help in planning wonderful baby & toddler sign classes later this year!!